• 1998 Briefly fund raised for the National Film & Television School Graduates Society and script reporting for London Production Companies. Attended various writing courses. A placement through the NFTV as Production Assistant to Andrea Calderwood, Pathé Films at the Cannes Film Festival. Produced an Erina sales event at The Royal Festival Hall, London.

• Graduating with a Diploma in Film Producing from the National Film & TV, School in 1998. Whilst at the NFTV I developed ideas with animation directors Gerry White and Toby Penrose on two films. Also developed the stylistic theme of the set design and produced an episode of a TV series set in a psychiatric hospital, Bedlam, Mrs. Fox and The Angel. 20 mins Betamax SP.

Graduation Fiction Film. I’m Not In Love, d. Christiana Ebohon, 1998 21 1/2 mins colour, 16mm. 1:1.66 optical mono.
Laurie, a young journalist, has a crush on Sean, a photographer. He doesn't know she exists. Laurie seizes an opportunity to go on a job with him to interview an artist, Sheena Tyson. Unfortunately, she hasn't done her homework on Sheena or her explicit artwork.
Raising additional finance from The Sir Anthony Hopkins Foundation and Tony Elliot the editor of Time Out listings magazine, London from the script. The film was selected for special commendation in cinematography at the Munich International Festival of Film Schools, ‘98. It was also screened at the Leeds International Film Festival.

Other fiction films. Ha Ha Bonk, d. Jesse Lawrence '96, 10 mins colour 35mm. Starring Les Dennis the comedian and Amanda Holden.
This is a portrait of a man torn between life and his desire to please an audience.
Fill Up, d. Devika Ponnambalam, '97, 8 1/2 mins colour 16mm.
Janet works at a 24 hour petrol station a touching event evokes a sense of hope for her.
Documentaries, Best Days, d. Wiz Hok, '96, 6 mins 16mm colour.
Shopping Malls, cathedrals of consumerism and their inhabitants featuring truant teenagers.
Hive, d. Dominic Hyman '97, 8 mins colour Beta SP. With 35mm stills to rostrum 16mm. Shot on 16mm. Walls are not an obstacle in this Post Modern voyeuristic look at the inhabitants of one of the world's highest residential dwellings, Trellick Tower situated in London's Portobello Road.

• 1994 Robert McKee seminars on writing for film. 1992 and in 1993 attending the AFM, USA and MIF, France with the distribution company, Metro Tartan, Soho, London as an assistant to Hamish McAlpine.