Anna and The King, d. Andy Tennant, p.d. Luciana Arrighi, USA.1999.
The Emerald Buddha Temple reproducing The Bhagavad Gita epic stories as per the original temple in Bangkok. Approx. size 30 x 7.5m x 2, 9 x 7.5 m x1. The mural was painted on canvas stretched on the floor and treated like a fabric print. It was then applied to plywood set walls. Local Malaysian art students added an authentic touch to the details. Also in the film The Sun and Moon Dance Theatre sequence, resembling Japanese lacquered screens.

Sleepy Hollow
, d.Tim Burton, p.d. Rick Heinrick, USA/GERMANY. 1999.
Using early American primitive art as a starting point to design the 12 panels of the dining room of the Van Tassell Manor. The murals were to reflect the supernatural subject of the film. Approx. run 24 x 2 m. For the Crones cave a combination of Indigenous Australian and European Pagan artwork was employed using natural powder pigment.

Close My Eyes
, d. Stephen Poliakoff, p.d. Luciana Arrighi, UK.1991.
For the title sequence a chalk mural.

Where the Heart Is, d. John Boorman, p.d. Tony Pratt, USA. 1990.
Pre - production with Timna Wollard painting a number of sets. Fireplace in the Sea approx size 20 x 15 ft and Rousseau Lake in the same dimensions.

Lost Angels, d. Hugh Hudson, p.d. Assheton Gorton, USA. 1989.
A large community mural in the San Fernando Valley at Pacoima Wash called Mexican History mural 130 x 12 ft. It was liaised and developed with LA Valley community leader Manuel Vasces and local youths, executed in a Diego Rivera and mexican advertising style . An interior house mural, of the ocean in the style of Edward Hopper. Artwork of the Silver Surfer approved by DC comics and murals erected on the LA freeways. Mexican religious art as placards, vehicles with flame motifs and extensive graffiti of differing styles for exterior and interior sets. Also drawings and artwork for the lead character.

Batman, d. Tim Burton, p.d. Anton Furst, USA. 1989.
A large mural in the combined styles of Tamara De Lempicka and Diego Rivera reflected the 1930's Monumental style of the set. Also for the film the Gotham City procession float painted in a Fairground Art style.

High Spirits, d. Neil Jordan, p.d. Anton Furst, USA/UK.1988.
First a 1/3rd scale model was made after the famous Victorian Pollock's Theatres for children. This was approved (it was a fantasy sequence added by the designer) a full scale version was executed.

Legend d. Ridley Scott, p.d. Assheton Gorton, UK, 1987.
The final sequence, walking into the sunset.

Absolute Beginners, d. Julien Temple, p.d. John Beard, UK.1986.
A night club scene using Matisse and Jackson Pollock as decorative motifs. A fashion show in an engraving / Treasure Island style.

White Nights, d. Taylor Hackford, p.d. Philip Harrison, USA. 1985.
Paris buildings, ballet sequence by Roland Petit. Also painted Baryshnikovs trousers with him in them!

Other Work
• The Company of Wolves d. Neil Jordan, p.d. Anton Furst, Scenic. U.K. / USA 1984
• A Man for All Seasons, d. Charleton Heston, p.d. Tony Wollard, Scenic. USA. TV 1989
• Grave Secrets, d. Donald P. Borchers, p.d. Janna Jackson, Scenic. USA. TV 1989
An American Native Indian permanent mural for The Rock Store, Malibu, CA.
• Capitol News p.d. Brian Eatwell, USA, TV pilot, 1989.
• Trivial Pursuits Designed and Scenic title credits of game show ITV, TV 1990
• Flesh For Lulu d.Tony Vandenende, Art Director, music video 1991
• Single White Female, d. Barbet Schreoder, p.d. Milena Canonero, Scenic Consultant. USA. 1992
• Shining Through, d. David Selzer, p.d. Tony Pratt, Scenic USA. 1992
A Romanticist reproduction after Casper David Friedrick.
• Death Train, d. David Jackson. Storyboard Artist. TV USA. 1993
• Malcolm McClaren's Paris with Catherine Deneuve. d. David Bailey. Art Director. Music Video 1994
• Kama Sutra 2, d. Nick Jones. Art Director and Costume. Video UK. 1994
• The Sleepover Club Channel 9 p.d. Peta Lawson, Scenic.TV. AUS. 2003
Various artworks.