I came to Australia on a holiday for Christmas 2000 and met my husband Julian. I have renovated three homes in the Noosa, Queensland area. Completed Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training at TAFE Sunshine Coast. In 2003 designed a house now complete at Wooloweyah Lake near Yamba in The Northern Rivers area of NSW. It is three hours drive to Brisbane and six to Sydney. Working at present on computer generated hard copy collages for an exhibition in Yamba at the Arthouse Australia gallery. I have five cats a dog and a recent addition Eric the green scaly breasted lorikeet.

Most of my career has been as a Scenic Artist, a brief description of the skills needed are as follows:
Scenic Artists are required to create various imagery on the canvas or solid cyclorama of the studio sound stages. Also to work to scale in the areas of cut outs (usually framed hard board or
plywood) and perspective sets. The painting of skies usually with compressor and spray gun. City and landscapes or reproducing other artists masterpieces are all in a days work. The ability to design imagery from the production designers ideas is essential and often designing sets from scratch. The art of painting on glass to create matts for sets, making scaled models, illustration and story boarding come under the hat of Scenic Artist. More recently computer skills and knowledge of Computer Generated Images (CGI) is also required.